Current Project

1. Development of a service platform for trading and sharing excess electricity on residential houses

지원 : 한국에너지기술평가원

기간 : 2019. 05. 01 ~ 2022.04.30 (3 years)

참여기관 : 한국전자통신연구원, (주)헤리트, (주)네오텍, 서강대학교, 아주대학교, 강원도청, 삼척시청, (사)한국에너지융합협회

According to the activation of the concept of prosumer and spread of Distributed Energy Resources(DERs) including ESS and Renewable Energy, Service platform is required for P2P trading and energy sharing services. Residential houses can trade excess electricity through the service platform that we develop and residential houses get a benefit from P2P trade.

  • Develop PV generation and load forecasting algorithm
  • Develop pricing algorithm for P2P trade
  • Develop P2P trading matching algorithm
  • Develop P2P trading fee calculation
  • Develop penalty of a breach of contract calculation

2. Development Prosumer P2P energy trading with block-chain technology Big Data analysis and AI algorithm

지원: 정보통신산업진흥원 (NIPA)

기간: 2020. 04 ~ 2024. 12 (5 years)

참여기관: 전자부품연구원, 한국생산기술연구원, 주식회사 애니트, 주식회사 블로코, 한국산업기술대학교, 아주대학교

Development of the trading platform to promote and induce participation in P2P electricity trading among various energy prosumers based on Big Data analysis and AI algorithm. 


- Designing structure of P2P trading market

- Development of P2P trading price-determining algorithm

- Development of P2P trading amount algorithm

- Development of P2P trading scenario

- Development of scheduling algorithm of P2P trading

- Economic analysis

3. Development of customized energy management technologies and services using IoT-based energy big data collection and AI algorithm

지원 : 정보통신산업진흥원 (NIPA)

기간 : 2020. 05 ~ 2022. 12 (3 years)

참여기관 : (주)아미텍, 전자부품연구원, 아주대학교

Development of the IoT-based intelligent energy management system. This system collects the data (power / non-power data) and optimizes the service. This system is for the electricity consumer (building, factory, house, etc) and distributed energy resources (ESS, renewable). 


- Drawing the desirable profit structure of participation considering rules/policies.

- Development of algorithms for energy management system

- Economic analysis

4. Advanced Tracks for Power Conversion System Design for Hybrid ESS (하이브리드 ESS용 전력변환장치 설계기술 고급트랙-에너지인력양성사업)

지원 : 한국에너지기술평가원

기간 : 2017. 04 ~ 2021. 12 (5 years)

참여기관 : 건국대학교, (주)효성, (주)우진산전, (주)이엠씨, (주)코아전기, (주)성암전기, (주)성신전기공업, (주)파워이십일, 성창(주), (주)리얼테크, 포항공과대학교, 아주대학교

5. (기후변화대응을 위한 온실가스 감축 기술 평가 및 정책 전문인력 양성)

지원 : 한국환경공단

기간 : 2019. 12 ~ 2024. 11 (5 years)

참여기관 : 아주대학교

6. 전력산업 관련 제도간 분산에너지자원관리 구조 연구

지원 : 한국전자통신연구원

기간 : 2020. 11 ~ 2021. 03 (5 months)

참여기관 : 아주대학교

Recently, many DERs are interconnected to distribution system. This causes various problems in aspect of the efficient and reliable operation of distribution system. To solve the problems, the project has been studied as follows:

- The investigation and analysis of foreign and domestic case regarding DSO

- The study on model to operate distribution system with DER

- The study on foreign model to increase DER

- The suggestion of domestic model to increase DER